About Us

About SBO Commercials

Our goal is to shine the spotlight on Small Business Owners in Tulsa.

Many times it is cost-prohibitive for a small business to attract attention in a larger city, so this is our effort to correct that.  Connecting a variety of everyday services in a beautiful ensemble of video commercials allows you to see and easily reach them.

Small Businesses, with low overhead, cost less than the bigger fish in the pond.  This bridge of connectivity gives you the opportunity to find them online for a win-win.

As we grow in the Tulsa area, you will be able to preview customized video commercials directing you to a specific category.

We believe this new concept makes it possible to find that hidden-gem-business that perfectly matches your need and location in Tulsa.  We hope you will return again and again to help a Small Business Owner, possibly just like yourself, continue to build his/her American Dream.

Thanks for helping us do that.