The Perfect Small Business Service in TULSA is the One that Meets Your Needs!

Connecting You to the Small Business that Best Fits Your Needs

Many times you don’t know who to call.  You want and deserve good value and excellent service and the Small-Business-Owner needs you as well.  The two of you just haven’t known how to find each other…until now.  The Tulsa Local Video Business Directory helps make this connection.  The Small Business Owner’s (SBO’s) have a State-of-the-Art video website which serves as a lifeline to both the individual SBO and the public’s cry for better service at affordable pricing. 


Your 1-Click Access to Connect Directly to the Business of Your Choice Expedites the Process.

Do You Know a Guy?

Most of us don’t know how to find that SOMEONE who does this work or that work. It’s never important to us until we need it and then we scramble to set the appointment.  Our goal is to quickly connect you to that perfect Someone right now.

How Can I Trust Them?

We need to feel we can trust the one we contact to do the job right the first time and not charge an arm and a leg.  Or, in the event of an issue, at least work together to make it right when things don’t go exactly according to plan.


Reputation is Everything

Their business will live or die by their reputation.  It’s their sole support and they can’t hide behinde a big corporation.  They have to look you in the eye and keep you as a long term customer.  Satisfaction is their life-blood.

AC Contractors McBee Heating & Air


Action Spring Co



Advanced Metal Recycling LLC


AIM Agency Inc


All American Roofing, Inc



American Crating Company


Anderson Sales


Audio Advice



Bicycles Of Tulsa


Bob Hurley Ford Automobile Dealerships


Boettcher & Drummond in Tulsa



Care Animal Hospital


Central States Orthopedic Specialists 

Darrough Air Conditioning and Heating Co



Doyle & Salisbury


Emco Termite Pest Control

Emergency Power Systems, Inc



Empire Optical


Feline Specialties

Freedom Roofing


Freeman Harris Funeral Homes

Green Country Arms & Pawn

Guaranty Exterminating Co. Inc

Handyman Extraordinaire

Ice Makers Restaurant Equipment

Justice Golf Car

L&M Office Furniture

Lawyers Elias & Elias

Leg Vein Clinic

Martin Jean & Jackson

Metro Pentecostal Church

Mock Brothers Saddlery

Natural Stone Source

NotNu Truck and Car Rental

Overhead Door Company

Owasso Fence

Preferred Tape

Rennsport Werkstatt LTD

Reynolds Realty

Signature Smiles Dental Spa

Sooner Lock & Key 

Stoops LaCourse PLLC

Sundance Office Supplies

The Flower Shop

The Orthopaedic Center

The Russell Company

Thrift Beauty Supply & Wigs

Today’s Roofing

Tom Hundley Heating & Cooling LLC

Tulsa Dentists Raj M. Patel, DDS

Unique Stitches Inc

Vicki Berg Property Manager

Videon Furniture Shop

Woodstock Law

Vicki Berg Property Manager

Green Country Shredding & Recycling Inc.

Woodstock Law

Family Safe Shelters 

A-1 Glass/Metro Mirror & Shower Door 

The Top Benefits of Hiring SBO’s

  • Reachable 
  • Provide Good Value and Excellent Service
  • Take Pride in Their Work
  • Less Overhead  
  • Prices are More Reasonable

Surprising Statisics About Small Businesses

There are almost 28 million small businesses in the US and over 22 million (approximately 75%) are self employed with no additional payroll or employees (these are called nonemployers).

52% of all small businesses are home based


19.4 million nonemployer small businesses are sole proprietorships, 1.6 million are partnerships and 1.4 million are corporations

Nonemployers had average revenues of $44,000 

Chances are that half of your neighbors are SBO’s


SBO Contact Information

Each SBO’s Contact information is inside their personal business website.  SBO Commercials is pleased to promote Local Small Business Owners in Tulsa OK, however SBO COmmercials can take no responsibility as to the quality of work provided.  We encourage you to do your due diligence before hiring.  SBO’s are the backbone of America and we are pleased to offer you a way to connect with neighbor businesses in your community.

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